From the Chair


Now that we are mid way through the 2016 season, I felt that an update was in order. We have not been idle the past few months. Our budget for the 2016 season has been set, the books have been audited and our income tax prepared and mailed. As many of you know, our application for continuance as a charitable organization was approved and we have plans to move forward with a major fundraising project. The secretary has been tasked with creating a generic form letter that we can send to organizations that will support our mandate. Now that we have the tool trailer travelling across Canada and the USA, we can offer our sponsors a highly visible advertising opportunity as well as advertising on our website. Many host committees have suggested that we have a minimum of at least one corporate sponsor that they can count on for support annually and we are looking in to that possibility.

The All-Ontario Vehicle Rescue Challenge in Perth, Ontario was an amazing success! The BBD&E Fire Department, the Town of Perth, the Tay Valley Fire Board, local sponsors and the volunteers are to be commended for a job well done. Ten teams competed in this two day event, featuring a Limited, Unlimited and Rapid Pit. A special thank you to the teams who travelled great distances to be with us : Hagerman Fire Department from Long Island, New York / Enfield Volunteer Fire Department from Enfield, Nova Scotia / Whitney Fire from Timmins, On.

At the TERC annual general meeting, it was decided that we would begin using half points on our score sheets to bring us in line with our US counterparts. It is a testament to the quality of our judging staff and the training that these teams are receiving that in the Unlimited pit, only two points separated first place from third place. Burlington Fire Department was the overall winner, followed by Ottawa and Mississauga. Please check out our Facebook page for photos by Carol Greene and video of the Ottawa team performing their extrications.

Now that we are in our second year of the All-Ontario format, we would like to see this annual challenge continue. Any department interested in hosting the 2017 All-Ontario Challenge, should contact the TERC executive. Start-up funding is available from both the Ontario Extrication Association and TERC Canada and we have a team in place that can help you to prepare for an event of this size with templates, contact information and staff.

Enfield Fire Department is considering hosting the 2017 North American Extrication Challenge and a decision will be made by mid June so keep tuned to the website for further information.

Chairman Ken Niceliu

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